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The Cheviot Public Works Department has four full time personnel. They are headed by a Superintendent, Brent Craig. Their responsibilities are many and vary from season to season. Below are some tasks that they perform.

Effective immediately, the Cheviot Public Works Department will no longer vacuum leaves at the curb. Leaves will now have to be bagged and set out on your regular garbage day. Residents are asked to not blow leaves into the street as you would be in violation of Section 92.09(B) of the Cheviot Code of Ordinances and could face a citation from the Cheviot Police Department.

Snow PlowThe City of Cheviot is highly regarded for snow removal. By utilizing three dump trucks and a pickup truck equipped with a plow, the Public Works Department quickly clear the streets of snow. Because the City of Cheviot is barely one mile square, all main and side streets are cleared in minimal time. Over the course of a regular winter the City of Cheviot will use 600 tons of road salt to clear the streets.

The Snow Emergency routes in Cheviot include Harrison Avenue, North Bend Road, Glenmore Avenue and Westwood-Northern Boulevard. Information regarding a Snow Emergency can be found in section 70.12 of the Cheviot Code of Ordinances. A reminder to residents who push snow or leaves into the street, section 92.09(B) states that it is unlawful to sweep, throw, or otherwise deposit leaves, sweepings, litter, or other matter from private property onto a sidewalk or from a sidewalk onto a roadway or into the gutter thereof.


The Cheviot Public Works Department is responsible for patching and repairing all streets in the city. They do storm basin construction and repair, paint city crosswalks and are responsible for all street signs as posted throughout.Curb Work Line Painting Rich on Backhoe


Cleanup Cut Grass

The Cheviot Public Works Department maintains both parks in the city, Cheviot Fieldhouse and Harvest Home Park. As part of their duties, they drag and line ballfields in the spring and summer. In the fall they lay out and mark the combination soccer and football field located at the Cheviot Fieldhouse location. They also maintain the Cheviot Fieldhouse and Harvest Home Lodge buildings. At the Fieldhouse location alone there are several thousand hours of basketball and volleyball played throughout the entire year. The Harvest Home Lodge is used every weekend from spring to late fall for many variety of functions, from wedding receptions to basketball games.

Waste TruckThe City of Cheviot, unlike many other cities, has their own Waste Collection Department. It is a five man operation led by Superintendent Brent Craig. Brent is foreman to both Maintenance and Waste Collection. It is an operation utilizing three garbage trucks. Two to pick up regular garbage and the other to pick up yard waste. In 1996, 601 truck loads of garbage were taken to the landfill. Those 601 trucks amounted to over 5,287 tons. In addition, there were 71 loads of yard waste taken to a special landfill which deals with compost and that amounted to over 607 tons of yard waste. These numbers may seem small, but when compared to the fact that Cheviot is 1.2 square miles and a population of 9015, amounts to over ½ ton of garbage per year. Click here for information on recycling in Cheviot. Click here for information on recycling in Hamilton County. Click here to take the Recycling Pledge.


  1. Waste Collection in Cheviot is $12.00 per month and the charges will appear on your Greater Cincinnati Water Works bill.

  2. Your garbage (including yard waste) will be collected the same day each week except when your regular collection day falls on the following holidays: New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Day, President's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Collection in those weeks will be one day later for the balance of the week.

  3. Effective immediately, Yard waste (grass, leaves, tree cuttings, hedge and bush clippings) will be picked up on your regular garbage collection day.

  4. Grass and leaves MUST be placed in biodegradable paper bags or placed in a container that contains yard waste only. Tree and bush cuttings must be tied in bundles not to exceed 5 feet in length and not over 30 pounds per bundle. Animal waste shall be placed in sealed plastic bags and set out with regular garbage.

  5. To protect employees from injuries to hands and arms, improper home repaired containers will not be permitted. The containers must also be equipped with secured handles. Any containers not complying with these regulations, such as baskets, wooden or metal barrels, paint buckets and the like will be considered garbage and be disposed of with its contents the same as any other waste.

  6. Garbage must be placed in containers with lids or bags that must be securely tied so they cannot come open. Containers shall not exceed 42 gallons in size and must have tight fitting lids.

  7. Capacity on any filled container shall not exceed 75 pounds gross.

  8. The collector will not collect waste resulting from the repairs, remodeling or demolition of buildings, sidewalks or similar materials. Removal of this waste shall be arranged for by the owner or the contractor.

  9. Refrigerators must have all essential chemicals removed and a sticker affixed that verifies removal. Tires cannot be picked up unless they are shredded or cut into quarters. These regulations are EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) mandated.

  10. Effective 2/14/13, Leaves will no longer be picked up seasonally at the curb. Any twigs, garbage, and other debris needs to be put in garbage cans. All leaves must be bagged and will be picked up pursuant to #3 and #4 above.

  11. Christmas trees will be picked up at the curb during the month of January.

  12. No one shall bring waste, rubbish, litter or yard clippings (as defined in 139.06 of the Cheviot Code or Ordinances) from outside the city limits onto property within this city for disposal and collection by this city.

  13. No resident shall place garbage cans with either garbage or yard waste at the curb earlier than 24 hours prior to their collection day.

  14. Mattresses and box springs will not be accepted unless sealed (wrapped) in plastic.

  15. The above regulations are promulgated by the Safety-Service Director under the authority of Section 50.01 of the Cheviot Code of Ordinances.

  16. Penalty: Violation of any of the above regulations are punishable as a minor misdemeanor. (See Sec. 70.99).

    Cheviot City Hall
    3814 Harrison Avenue
    Cheviot, OH 45211
    (513) 661-2700

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