Street Reconstruction

There will be a lot of street construction going on this summer.

First project will begin with the Cincinnati Water Works by replacing the water main on Ruth Lane (North of Ruckle Avenue), Ruckle Avenue (between School Section and Ruth Lane) and Roswell Avenue (between McFarran and Homelawn).  When this is completed all three locations will then be getting new curbs, some new sidewalks on Ruckle Avenue and the Ruth Lane storm sewer will be relined. All streets will get full depth repair and all new asphalt.  This will all take place in late June of 2017.

Second project is reconstruction of School Section (between Harrison Avenue and  Westwood Northern Blvd.), Washington Avenue (from Westwood Northern Blvd. to the North Corp. line) and  Westwood Northern Blvd. (from North Bend Road to the Race Road Overpass).  The project will consist of repair or replacement of existing storm sewers, new curbs and gutters on part of the project and some new driveway aprons.  Full depth repair will occur on pavement joints as needed.   Partial reconstruction of the Race Road Overpass, and additional sidewalks on Westwood Northern Blvd. in Green Township. This will take place in late July of 2017.

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